HOLIDAY promotion:

a selection of men’s clothing and accessories at special prices to celebrate the holidays on the way.

Create the perfect match

There’s nothing better than a gift to convey your emotions.
For these holidays, Corneliani has thought about you and your loved ones with an exclusive promotion that allows you to share the Corneliani world of Made-in-Italy elegance and excellence with those you love.
Choose two or more items from the combinations proposed, and get 15% discount on the total. Start sharing your emotions now with our gift ideas.

Choose a jumper in the finest exquisite yarns and match it with your favourite scarf.

Choose a tailored shirt and match it with your favourite tie.

Create the perfect outfit: choose a leather item and match it with your favourite pocket square or tie.

Choose a pair of tailored trousers and match it with your favourite belt.

The garments shown in the photos are only examples of the two categories that can be purchased under the promotion