• 100% suede
  • rounded stitched belt 35 mm
  • nubuck lining
  • exclusive brass buckle without lead
  • shortenable
  • Made in Italy
The rich texture of the suede belt enhances any casual look. The undisputed champion of versatility, the suede belt with nubuck lining and brass buckle is available in several seasonal shades.
  • Cleaning Suede/Nubuck
    Protect from moisture and keep away from direct heat sources. Clean with a special suede brush. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hand creams and sanitisers. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. When not in use, store in the fabric bag provided.

Grey suede belt with brass buckle

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Color: grey
Grey suede belt with brass buckle Navy Blue suede belt with brass buckle Burnt Sienna suede belt with brass buckle
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