Cerimonia Collection:
We dress your emotions with our passion

Take care of your specials occasions

There are occasions in life that deserve all the attention necessary to be perfect and unforgettable, moments when the outfit you wear should be, more than ever, an expression of your personality. With Corneliani Code, the men’s formalwear and wedding collection, Corneliani chooses the best sartorial elegance to celebrate your special days and make them unforgettable.

The Corneliani Code collection, which constantly balances harmony and precision, tradition and contemporary style, offers you a vast selection of suits, dinner jackets and morning coats in the finest and most high-performance fabrics designed to be worn like a second skin. The wide colour palette, ranging from numerous shades of blue and grey to timeless black, together with a vast selection of exclusive fabrics and refined accessories, allow you to choose your perfect outfit for a style with sophisticated, but never ostentatious details.

For your specials days

We look forward to making your moments even more special, together. Contact our headquarters for more information, writing to or phoning to +3903763041.