Mantua, the moment when it all began.

There are places that have the power to make things happen. They can be the spark that gives life to a project and marks the starting point of a journey. Mantua, for Corneliani, was precisely this: the place where it all began. It is an elegant and modest city attractive in ways you might not expect, and altogether representative of Lombardy. It was here that Savoir-Vivre was born from Savoir-Faire. Because elegance can be perceived in not just what you wear, but also in what you do. This includes a drive, a desire to do better and a certain passion that Italians have never lacked. And it was in this way that the Corneliani family demonstrated their love for the city, bringing work and social wellbeing, while also celebrating the great works of the place, such as Palazzo Te and its sumptuous interiors. This is what has given the city unique and international allure, as a place where lifestyle is just the first step towards living in style.

Our Vision.

Quality is a matter of perception. We are talking about quality and experience that makes us live better, in terms of what we wear, or how we admire a landscape or listen to a song. This is why we like to think we sell not so much garments as a way of life. We have never followed trends, we have intuited them and interpreted them in the name of timeless elegance. In this way, we have allowed people to express the best of Italian culture and demonstrate that style, but real style, does not require commitment. The result is something to be perceived and of which we are proud. It is a brand that has always remained faithful to itself and to its origins, capable of making Savoir-Faire flourish in the art of Savoir-Vivre, and is capable of evolving while maintaining a consistent, common thread for its garments, fully expressing elegance and quality.

From Mantova lifestyle
to style your life.