• Eco-friendly project: Corneliani CIRCLE is the brand's sustainable project, which writes a new chapter of the company's history. The range includes exclusively garments crafted from natural and organic fibers, sourced from companies which embraced the sustainable revolution a long time ago
  • 70% cashmere, 30% silk
  • embroidered scarf
  • 37X180 cm
  • made in Italy
Corneliani embraces the sustainable revolution with its Circle Project. Discover the garments and accessories in the new Fall Winter collection made with natural fabrics and fibres, like this brown tartan patterned scarf in cashmere and silk. Choose to dress with sophisticated, ethical and contemporary elegance.
Eco-friendly Project

Cashmere and silk tartan scarf in brown

23 800 ₽
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Color: коричневый
Cashmere and silk tartan scarf in brown Cashmere and silk tartan scarf in blue
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