Guide to Conscious Elegance

Guide to Conscious Elegance

Guide to Conscious Elegance

Corneliani’s Guide to Conscious Elegance

Allowing an artisan knowledge to win the challenge of time and carve out a key role in the present is never "just" a decision. It is the result of an incessant work, the reflection of a vocation that starts from the individual but comes to involve all those who will collaborate with him and make a reality grow. Corneliani bases the meaning of this knowledge on the connection with Art, Beauty and Quality, but with a new awareness that takes into account the sensitivity of people to environmental issues. The Brand thus sets itself the goal of telling itself in a completely new way, giving a special relevance to the creativity, research and care that accompany the raw materials in each step of the production chain. Taking a stand against the superficiality with which these terms, in the world of tailoring are often used.

It is precisely by thinking about what was the most sincere and transparent way to tell you about our values, that the idea of ​​the Conscious Guide Project took shape.

It is a real guide made by episodes and themes that will range from the selection of our raw materials, through the creative phase, the creation of the garments and finally their use. Each in-depth study will give you a fundamental part of the Corneliani universe, which today more than ever bases its meaning on four core values: Savoir-faire, Care, Beauty, Consciousness.

Savoir-Faire: From the idea to the creation of a garment. In tailoring, as in any other field, the knowledge of what you do allows you to always take the right measure. In this guide, we will tell you what lies behind our Savoir-Faire, that is, how the creative and stylistic choices that lead to the creation of both a single garment and an entire collection take place. Furthermore, the technical characteristics of the raw materials and the quality parameters of Sartoria Corneliani will be studied in depth. During this journey, the faces and techniques that shape our creative and production process will take shape: step by step, in an attempt to help you understand why we can speak of high quality.


Care: A delicate and precious fil-rouge unites us with you. Being able to establish a relationship of trust with our customers is an objective that is with us since the beginning. In over sixty years of activity, we have witnessed the change in your outlook on the world, on yourself and on the way you want to experience it. Our task is to evolve with you and for you. Today, the care we have towards you is something that we intend to enhance and celebrate in an ongoing, creative and stimulating way. Through the Conscious Guide we will share with you our idea of ​​Italian elegance, focusing on the most fundamental points of the culture of fashion and textiles, on the styles and choices that should accompany each garment you choose to wear.


Beauty: The image we are inspired by and the one we want to shape. Beauty is a casket that contains ancient and contemporary meanings. Studying, interpreting and shaping them is one of the most complex tasks that exist, but also one of the noblest. In our world, Beauty is the result of the encounter between creativity and tradition, craftsmanship and technological innovation. The journey to tell you about our idea of ​​Beauty will begin with the link with Italy and in particular the city of Mantua, the historic seat of the Brand. We will talk about the role that art plays in our idea of ​​contemporary elegance and what motivates us to believe that a garment is an instrument of culture.


Awareness: Circle Collection and sustainability. We will guide you towards the meaning of Corneliani's new conscious elegance, deepening the Brand's vocation to grow and develop constantly, specifically towards a sustainability perspective. In 2021, the creation of the first collection of garments using certified materials and fabrics including wool, linen, cotton, regenerated cashmere, natural seaweed fiber, nylon, recycled polyester appeared to us as a necessary step in response to the ongoing environmental crisis. For us, sustainability represents a path of challenges that we intend to face with respect, transparency and awareness. The Conscious Guide will have the important task of allowing us to share with you the future milestones and goals that we will achieve. A peculiarity of the episodes that will arise within this section is the educational aspect for an in-depth study on the best known fibers, the most used, the most problematic for health and the environment, and the innovative ones that instead represent an important possibility for the textile supply chain.


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