The Washable and Adaptive Collections

The Washable and Adaptive Collections

The Washable and Adaptive Collections

Corneliani Clothing: The Washable and Adaptive Collections

Reflecting the brand’s desire to move towards innovative solutions, the Corneliani Style E-Motion project has generated the Washable Collection and the Adaptive Collection. The aim of Corneliani is to imagine and create smarter menswear, ready to naturally support the dynamism of the Corneliani man's lifestyle and accompany him wherever he wants to go, both in his free time and at the office.

The Washable Project therefore proposes innovative pure wool coats, КОСТЮМЫ И ПИДЖАКИ">suits, blazers and trousers that are machine-washable and ensure the preservation of the original silhouette. On the other hand, within the Adaptive Project, the lightness, excellent breathability and comfort of the fabrics used, be they cashmere or fine wool, characterise and reinterpret the classic design of knitwear garments: sophisticated yet suitable for increasingly flexible lifestyles.

Since its foundation in the 1930s, the Mission of Corneliani has always been to cultivate, perfect and celebrate the Italian culture and lifestyle to the benefit of those who seek elegance and sophistication that is natural but at the same time easy to wear. Thanks to our savoir-faire we encourage a way of living life to the full, from the most important occasions to the simplest moments.



Creativity and premium materials

Experience, refined creativity, craftsmanship and premium materials. These are the values that characterise Corneliani’s vision and that have motivated us since the Brand began to perform continuous research and development, not only to pursue its contemporary spirit but also to always be able to add something innovative to the term “Quality”. Over time and, above all, with a lot of hard work, Corneliani has become an undisputed ambassador of the Italian sartorial tradition. This is also due to one of the most authoritative elements that distinguish and make Made in Italy tailored products unique throughout the world: Formalwear. 

Pursuing our philosophy, for the FW22 Season, we have decided to work on three distinct fronts that are different yet united by a common desire  to combine natural elegance with cutting-edge technology: Corneliani Circle, with which we integrate our commitment to sustainability, Corneliani Code, a project that we define as a sort of “Dress code” dedicated to the special moments in the life of a man who is attentive to elegance but also to quality, and Corneliani STYLE e-motion, in which we have strived to ensure that style, comfort and the performance of the materials used could finally coexist in a perfect balance.