CIRCLE is a vision of sustainable and natural elegance.
It is a symbol of responsibility towards people and the environment.
It is the ethics of a new aesthetic that follows the cycle of life.
Corneliani designs a new ‘circle’ of values and zero impact products, based on responsibility and transparency at every stage of the manufacturing cycle. CIRCLE is a stylistic and productive code that symbolizes the cycle of life; it is the beginning of a new path of awareness and social and environmental responsibility; it is a circle of people and products through which the brand renews the bond with its current clients and with its new eco-sustainable clients, who are increasingly attentive to the nature of what they wear. Through this approach, Corneliani enters a first phase of change and prospective alignment to the methods required to attain certifications and reach international standards that govern the compatibility of business processes.
CIRCLE stands for:

Circle of transparency and inclusion in line with to the new values adopted by the company;
Circle of communication on next-generation quality and on the different aspects concerning style, innovation and responsibility;
Circle of territoriality;
Circle of research and development with the company’s internal and external team.