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Much more than just menswear, we deliver an instinctive and invaluable way of life, a way of enjoying every single one of life’s moments.

What is important and how we want to live our lives?

Take it slowly - simple things like doing the grocery shopping, having time for passions or spending time with friends might feel new yet meaningful.

Make it count - live life to the fullest, from momentous occasions down to the smallest instants. Enjoy the best of what life has to offer. Daily.



Style every moment of your life.

For the Fall/Winter season we unveil an elegant, refined wardrobe where soft textures meet impeccable yet relaxed silhouettes.

The sense of comfort is ultimate - materials and cuts are conceived to facilitate the moments of the body without renouncing that touch of refined sartorial elegance which is deeply rooted in the brand’s aesthetic.


Wearing Corneliani is all about punctuating life’s moments  with style & sophistication. Every occasion deserves refinement; something the brand delivers day in day out. More than a means of exhibiting true style,  wearing Corneliani garments is a state-of-mind,  one that is inspired by the brand’s rich history  and sublimed by real savoir-faire to deliver daily savoir-vivre. With Corneliani, elegance becomes second nature.