• Cashmere, history and characteristics of a fine fabric

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    Cashmere, history and characteristics of a fine fabric

    Cashmere is one of the best-loved and best-known fabrics in the world. Corneliani fills us in on its origin and its qualities.
  • The fall-winter palette: the must-have colors for 2022

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    The fall-winter palette: the must-have colors for 2022

    Corneliani and the colours for fall and winter 2022. From grey to blue, red and brown. Tips and ideas to inspire this season’s outfits
  • The men's tailored jacket, the epitome of elegance and timeless wardrobe staple

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    Conscious Guide: the men's tailored jacket

    Corneliani presents the guide to the elegant and casual men's tailored jacket. Size, collar, and length, find out how to achieve maximum elegance and comfort.
  • The Washable and Adaptive Collections

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    The Washable and Adaptive Collections

    Corneliani, the historic menswear brand founded in Mantua, presents the Washable and Adaptive collections with innovative machine-washable materials.
  • Green Art

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    Thread Forests

    The artist Federico de Lorentis (Galatina, 1994) adopts a site-specific approach: this means that he conceives the installation on site, which is specifically intended for the location and the audience that will experience it.
  • Green Art

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    Ultra capi

    As a way of emphasising the brand’s eco-friendly production policies, the Sardinian-Piedmontese artist SCERBO (Biella, 1984) sets out to creatively explore the environment in order to search for materials that can be recovered.
  • Green Art

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    Why Matter Matters?

    Corneliani once again demonstrates its commitment to the world of art by launching the Green Art project, a series of collaborations with young emerging artists who, each season, with their purpose-built installations, become the stars and an integral part of the collection.
  • Guide to Conscious Elegance

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    Guide to Conscious Elegance

    Allowing an artisan knowledge to win the challenge of time and carve out a key role in the present is never "just" a decision. It is the result of an incessant work, the reflection of a vocation that starts from the individual but comes to involve all those who will collaborate with him and make a reality grow.
  • Corneliani Circle SS23

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    Corneliani Circle SS23

    In his creative collaboration with Corneliani, Paul Surridge focuses on traditional menswear archetypes and sartorial separates, starting a subtle process of recrafting and rejuvenation that leads to a regained sense of pure elegance and savoir-faire.
  • Festivaletteratura Mantova 2022

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    Festivaletteratura Mantova 2022

    Since the dawn of time, Mantova seems to have had a special relationship with poets and writers (Virgilio was born here, and Dante and Petrarca passed through here in the footsteps of the Mantuan). These narrators have helped Italians reach infinite plains at heights of imagination.