The new capsule Circle



For his second collaboration with Corneliani, Paul Surridge brings forward his vision of elevated effortlessness through the key concepts of pure refinement, authenticity and comfort. 

In this path of consistency with the previous season, the House’s heritage connects the present and the future of the menswear tradition in a curated selection of essential elements that maintain their archetypal status as the designer continues to perfect each shape and texture, each colour and detail.

Timeless in style, rigorous in craft and sustainable in the use of lower impact materials, the new Circle wardrobe attunes to the different rhythms and scenarios of contemporary living exploring the difference between how clothes feel vs. how they look.

For Surridge, updating tradition is a subtle labour of form, function and self-confidence that always leads to feel-good sensations and appealing executions. 

This is a collection of savoir-faire and savoir-vivre, 
where new luxury means impeccable style with good taste”.
Paul Surridge