The artistry of tailoring is a key code and an essential style element rooted deep in the origins and soul of Corneliani. For the next Fall/Winter season, the heritage of the brand continues to evolve by intertwining the weft of tradition with the warp of contemporaneity.

As today’s dynamic and versatile spirit is reflected in the shapes and fabrics of clothing, the significance of craftsmanship becomes immediately tangible in the presentation, and representation, of the new collection. The Corneliani showroom in Milan transforms into a bustling atelier, alive with Mantua’s tailors meticulously plying their craft: they showcase essential steps such as assembly, model making, and stitching on tables scattered with thread spools, scissors, and patterns the primary tools of a culture steeped in mastery and excellence that transcends time.

This is a modern celebration of Corneliani’s DNA, immersed and interpreted in the present context through comfort, wearability, functionality, and purpose.

Lightness and comfort take center stage, expressed in the progressive silhouettes and in a natural color palette of earthy tones blacks, browns, and camel, spiced up with the bold charm of lavender and brandy.

Outerwear shapes play with short and long cuts, enhancing physicality through comfortable and voluminous lines. Trousers join the mood: narrow at the bottom or going all in with wide and flowing hems. Overshirts effortlessly slide into the overall look.
Stitches, seams, and precise details distinguish and define the unlined constructions, crafted for layering and juxtaposition beyond the specific season.


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