Tailoring and excellence
The Made to Measure world of Corneliani

The excellence of being able to create an exclusive suit in which experience, customization and refinement follow the rhythm of modernity.

Corneliani offers a thorough made-to-measure service that is the ultimate expression of customisation and the desire to offer an authentic, distinctive and never standardised experience in which the tradition and value of Made in Italy evolve together with the tastes, rhythms and scenarios of the global lifestyle.

Excellence and uniqueness are essential features of Corneliani’s made-to-measure service, which interprets contemporary style with passion and elegance. Over 600 suit, jacket and coat fabrics, 200 shirt fabrics that can be combined with 10 different types of collars and cuffs, more than 50 linings and about 40 buttons made of bone or mother-of-pearl.

The manufacture of a single garment requires no less than 164 steps with approximately 540 hand-finished stitches, as well as seven different tests, which must be passed before it can officially leave the factory in Mantua and be delivered worldwide within a few weeks.

Inspiration for your Made To Measure garments

The study of the perfect garment reflects our savoir-faire and is the symbol of the savoir-vivre of those who choose to wear “well-made and made-to-measure”.

Polo azzurra in filoscozia
Maglia blu navy in lana merinos
Maglia collo alto in lana color tortora

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Style lies in care, quality and special details. Book an appointment at our atelier in Via Durini in Milan for your Corneliani made-to-measure service. Our tailoring team will take care of your needs and assist you with all your requests and requirements.

I nostri tessuti di prima qualità

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